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What to do if Google Ads generate clicks but not sales?

Google Ads (Adwords) is a perfect marketing tool that helps to attract potential clients to a website. However, sometimes clicks do not turn into sales. Every month a specific sum of money is dedicated to this advertisement but it does not earn profit. How to deal with a situation like this?

Analyse if the number of clicks that you get is really large

The concept of a “large number of clicks” is quite subjective. The number that might be perceived as large by you might be perceived as average or even small from the perspective of the market. Conduct a research on how many clicks do enterprises that are engaged in similar activities get. It is important to compare similar sectors, because services that are considered as specific niches cannot be compared with the popular ones.

Focus on conversions

Instead of analysing how many clicks you get every month, analyse how many of them turn into conversions, i.e. actual sales that bring profit. The fact that one or other Google Ads campaign generates more clicks does not mean that it is successful. Clicks might not result in sales. A considerable number of enterprises puts a greater emphasis on clicks but not conversions; therefore, quite often the identification of the issue takes time.

Where is the problem?

There might be many reasons but this time we tried to identify the few most common ones:

  • Poor optimisation. Your website must meet the needs of your potential clients. It is especially important if you want not only to attract but also to make them your clients. For example, if you know that the majority visit your website while browsing on their smartphone, but the design of your website is not suitable to work on smart devices – it is a huge mistake.
  • Poor redirecting webpage. One more especially common mistake is the absence of a redirecting webpage. Frequently visitors are redirected from the Google Ads advertisement to the section “About us” that is on the main page. The Google Ads campaign should have a separate redirecting page that would include relevant information matching with the content of the advertisement. The visitor should know what he must do straight away (for example, if you try to attract with a sales promotion, the redirecting website must include information on how to use it, etc.).
  • Low-quality content. You have reached your goal and the visitor clicked on your ad? Excellent. Make sure that when the visitor gets into the redirecting page he finds high quality content: a message encouraging him to buy, clear steps on what he should do, a list of all the benefits and advantages that he will get by choosing you. Devote proper focus to good content. This will ensure a larger number of clicks turning into real clients.
  • Too many offers on one page. Even though we mentioned that it is important to provide the clients with a lot of information – do not overdo it. One Google Ads advertisement should redirect to only one of the offers. If the client finds a large number of different offers in the redirecting page – he might get lost and end up buying nothing. Set a main goal (to sell a specific product or service, encourage subscribing to a newsletter, etc.) and work towards it consistently.
  • Poorly selected keywords. It is one more common mistake. Maybe you have chosen especially popular, costly keywords that are unsuitable for you.

A visitor will enter you website because he was lead there by specific keywords. However, if he will not find the service or product that he needs, he will leave.

What to do?

One piece of advice that would solve your problem quickly and effectively does not exist. However, step by step, by implementing minor changes daily you can change the situation significantly. Just be focussed, consistent, and:

  • Analyse. Devote more time to analysing, be critical of yourself, observe what works and what does not work and implement changes constantly.
  • Test. Not sure, what works better? Test it. Launch two different Google Ads campaigns with different keywords for the same product or service and observe what works better.
  • Try out different offers. Every client is different, therefore if an offer suits one of the clients it may be completely unsuitable for another client. Therefore, change the offers and observe which of them receives the most attention.

Most importantly, when you launch a new Google Ads campaign – supervise whether it works in the way you expected it to work. If not, do not wait, analyse and implement changes immediately. Do not wait for everything to resolve itself.

Edvardas Kolesnikas
Founder of the FESS Agency and a guru of digital marketing who is constantly improving in his professional sphere, consistently reaching his own digital marketing goals and the goals of his clients.

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