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Tips on creating a successful website

Nowadays almost the majority of our life has transferred to the internet. With the occurrence of social media all our potential clients became more accessible on the internet. Therefore, it is becoming more difficult to find a business or an activity that does not have a website. However, it is not enough to simply have a website, since visitors want it to be convenient, functional and of course, exceptional. Why should they visit your website? If you want to create a successful website you should answer yourself the following questions:

Is my website clear and convenient for visitors to use?

To make a website successful you have to ensure that it is clear, not overloaded with unnecessary information and functions as well as convenient to use. Keep in mind that very different people who have different information literacy knowledge and needs are going to browse your website. Even if you really want to create a very elaborate innovative design, consider whether it will be convenient to use. If the website will be too complex, there is a high probability that the visitor will exit without purchasing your services. Ensure that the website can be easily managed, that each visitor who enters the homepage knows exactly what he should do and where can he find important information.
Because of the reason that today people especially value their time they are unlikely to waste it trying to figure out how your website works.

What questions might the visitors of my website have?

The answers to the main questions should be provided before the client asks for them. Probably you are carrying out a particular activity or selling certain goods and you anticipate (or have already came across) the most common questions, so try to provide all information on the website. Of course, do not overdo it. The information should be short and clear. In this way you will save yourself and your clients some time: they will seldom need to contact you and you will need to devote less time to consulting them.

What should visitors of my website do?

The third question is what visitors who enter your website should do: purchase products or services online, subscribe to a newsletter or go to a specific place (e.g. your physical store/shop). Clearly and specifically redirect visitors to where they can perform your preferred action. Do not let visitors wander in the website and contemplate for a long time.

What will I do to avoid losing potential clients?

In the ideal world every visitor of your website should become your client. Unfortunately, in reality this happens only to 1 client out of 100. Because of that, consider the means that could help to save potential clients. Although the visitor did not shop on your website today it does not mean that he will not shop in the future.
Think how will you remind them about yourself: maybe you will invite them to join a Facebook page, subscribe to a newsletter or follow you on other social media channels.

How will I bring clients to my website?

Even if you develop an almost perfect, functionally convenient website of excellent design it needs to become visible. For the website to be successful think over the means that you will use to redirect visitors to the particular website: maybe you will write a press release, advertise the website on social media or use the Google Ads (Adwords) advertisements. Regardless of which marketing tool you will choose, assess them all and decide which is the most useful, i.e. which provides and optimal ratio between the attracted clients and marketing costs.

Not only will an amateurishly created website of poor quality will be difficult to use, it will also look unreliable.

Remember that your business website is more expressive than it may appear at first sight. It represents your enterprise, shows what is your business about, helps clients to reach you easier and use your services. Even if you do not do direct sales on the internet (i.e. you do not have an online store) your website is the calling card of your business.

Edvardas Kolesnikas
Founder of the FESS Agency and a guru of digital marketing who is constantly improving in his professional sphere, consistently reaching his own digital marketing goals and the goals of his clients.

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