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10 most common Google Ads mistakes

Google Ads (Adwords) is one of the most popular marketing tools. Many specialists cannot imagine their working day without it. Google Ads helps to attract visitors to your website perfectly. However, for a tool to work it has to be properly used. Therefore, this time we are interested in the most common mistakes that make Google Ads fail or work but not as you have expected.

Excessive use of general keywords

Even though general keywords help to reach more people and increase clicks, sometimes it does not bring profit. Why? Because although you reach a larger audience, the majority of the people are not your target clients who would buy your products or services. Therefore, even if you reach a larger audience it will not guarantee bigger sales.
General keywords will guarantee a bigger visitor flow into your website and keywords that are more precise will generate more conversions, even though the flow will be smaller.

The use of keyword groups that are too detailed

The second mistake is to use keyword groups that include many usually incompatible keywords. The optimal strategy is to use 1-3 keywords in each group.

Neglecting correct redirection

Pay attention to where are the potential clients redirected to after they click on your Google Ads advertisement. Unfortunately, it is not enough to redirect visitors to the main page and hope that they will find everything that is needed by themselves. If your Google Ads advertisement tells about a sale – redirect visitors straight to the sale section. The less clicks needed, the bigger is the chance for a successful conversion to happen. Targeted redirection will help to track the results of a specific Google Ads campaign.

Increasing the cost of a click before assessing the benefits

A decision to pay a bigger sum for a click that will guarantee a higher place in the Google search system is seldom the most rational. Quite often, the most popular keywords are overpaid and sometimes they are unsuitable for you. So, a higher ad position will help to get more clicks but it will not ensure the flow of target clients to your website.

Neglecting the results of Google Ads campaigns

If you launch a Google Ads campaign and you do not track the results of it – it can be said that you are wasting money. Tracking the results is essential to evaluate the success of a campaign and make the correct changes if it does not work in the way you expected it to work.

Including negative keywords

While launching Google Ads campaigns it is important to select the suitable as well as unsuitable keywords. In this way, you will avoid at least some of the purposeless clicks that you also pay for.

Leaving the Google Ads campaign unsupervised

After launching the Google Ads campaign, you should constantly devote some time to supervising: following the changes, new tendencies, optimizing new keywords if needed, etc. Thereby, you will ensure bigger success for the campaign and more targeted money spending.

Following Google recommendations

Remember the fact that Google makes profit from your Google Ads advertisements; therefore, their recommendations can often be oriented towards their financial profit. Assess your every step and make decisions that are beneficial for you.

Ignoring additional functions

Additional functions can help to reach much better results. For example, you can add additional information that will help to redirect a more targeted flow into your website in the add extension section. This information can include the name of city, working hours, evaluation or other similar information. Often this type of information will encourage visitors to visit your website.

Ads in the search system and in the network of image ads

Note that in most cases when you are adjusting the settings of your Google Ads campaign it suggests showing the campaign in the search system and in the network of image ads. Remember: it will be much more expensive. These two types of Google Ads advertisements should operate as two completely separate campaigns.

These are the ten most common mistakes to avoid if you want to be sure that your Google Ads advertising campaign will be way more targeted and successful.

Edvardas Kolesnikas
Founder of the FESS Agency and a guru of digital marketing who is constantly improving in his professional sphere, consistently reaching his own digital marketing goals and the goals of his clients.

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